Results of the selection on application file:

An eligibility committee (composed of jury members) met in Paris on April 7th and 8th, 2015, to check the eligibility of each application.

After reading and evaluating all the application files, the jury (led by 2 co-presidents, Kiki Muukkonen from Subtopia (SE) and Roberto Magro from La Central del Circ (ES) met in Paris from June 3rd to 5th. They pre-selected 15 promising projects between the 119 applications.
The shortlisted artistic teams are invited in Dommelhof – Neerpelt (Belgium) for the CircusNext selection week:

Willem Balduyck (BE), Sophie Van der Vuurst de Vries (NL)
Circus Katoen (BE)
As heavy as it goes (working title)
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Matleena Laine (FI), Love Kjellsson (SE)
Miksi (SE/FI)
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Bastien Dausse (FR), François Lemoine (FR)
Cie Barks (FR)
Les Idées Grises
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Diego Vernazza (AR/IT), Eleonora Gimenez (AR/IT), Vanina Fandino (AR)
Proyecto Precipicio (FR)
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Sandrine Juglair (FR)

Quentin Claude (FR), Marion Even (FR), Gaël Manipoud (FR)
Landscape(S) (FR)
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Martin Riedel (DE), Mathias Ramfelt (NO)
MRMR Bros. (NO)
Not Gay!
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Ricardo Gaiser (DE/BR), Katja Andersen (DK)
Two (FR)
Finding No Man's Land
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Dymitry Szypura (DE)
Motchok (BE)
Stein Mantel
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Ayal Benin (HU/IL)
Axis° (FR)
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Malte Peter (DE)
Title coming soon (FR)
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Rafael De Paula Guimarães (BR)
Compagnie du Chaos (FR)
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Jonas Julliand (FR), Cyril Pernot (FR), Karim Messaoudi (BE),
Mathieu Bleton (FR),
Mosi Espinoza (PE)
Galactik Ensemble (FR)
L'Héritage du poulpe
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Itamar Glucksmann (IL/AR), Ron Beeri (IL/PL)
Lazuz (SE/FR)
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Pietro Selva Bonino (IT), Andrea Sperotto (IT)
Cie Sugar (FR/IT)
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Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe will be in contact with each shortlisted artistic team to:
- organize the artistic residencies for the preparation to the selection (for those who need it and are available),
- organize the selection week from November 23rd to 27th, 2015 in Dommelhof - Neerpelt (Belgium).


Follow the next steps of the 2015-2016 edition, go to Phase 3: Selection based on on-stage presentations.