Philine Dahlmann • CH
Salvatore Frasca • IT
Elske van Gelder • NL
  • Popcorn Machine
    © Philippe Cibille
  • Popcorn Machine
    © Vincent Muteau

Popcorn Machine (a domestic apocalypse) • Creation 2011

A continuum of undetermined causalities and implausible consequences brings three charismatic girls and a man to live absurd situations, in which the man dies all the time.

A tiger falls from the sky, the fountain of Trevi becomes atomic mushroom, Elvira sells the apocalypse in special promotion. The metaphor of popcorn takes sense in its explosive metamorphosis. The public's attention crystallizes on scenic details, a dancing barbie, the rude rope on Elviras body, a dying man.In an electrical scenic landscape, an absurd future coexists with an unknown past. A fan caresses a vulcan of popcorn . Theater mixes with hand-to-hand reinvented in hair-to-hair, the trapeze lived as an object of a sentimental adventure and an acrobatic bicycle, on which spectacular legs play the Russian roulette.

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