• Coordinator

    • Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe (JTCE)

      Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe is the French organization that coordinates the European project and platform CircusNext. Our mission is to identify and support emerging circus authors in Europe through a call for projects, a selection, residencies, mentoring, a creation grant, labs, and public presentations of the laureates' projects. CircusNext is supported by the program Culture of the European Commission and is carried out by our 9 co-organizing partners from 6 countries, and our 30 associated partners from about 15 countries.
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  • Co-organizers

    • Associazione Culturale IdeAgorà

      IdeAgorà is the cultural association which, in 2007, created Mirabilia International Circus & Performing Arts Festival. Focusing on multidisciplinary innovative creation, residence and support to national and international artists, IdeAgorà fighted for 8 years in order to change the concept of residency adopted in Italy.
      In 2015 it became supported by the Ministere of Culture and the Regione Piemonte as artistic residency for circus with the project Terre di Circo.
      IdeAgorà is involved as co-organizer or leader in many european projects, such as Percours Croisés, Transmission, Cicollaborative Tools, CircusNext, Circostrada, and Mirabilia Festival has been recognized in 2012 by the European Commission as “European Cultural Festival” for circus arts.

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    • Associazione culturale Sarabanda

      Founded in 1996 in Genoa, Sarabanda is a cultural association working at the national and international level for socio-cultural development of the Italian territory through research in the multidisciplinary field of theater, contemporary circus and urban performance. Engaged in the field of training and development of young talents, it helps to discover new languages and unconventional spaces. It supports, produces and promotes companies during festivals and events, as a platform dedicated to the contemporary scene facilitating encounters between artists, audiences and operators.
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    • Centro Cultural Vila Flor • A Oficina

      The Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF) is a respected and distinguished establishment on the Portuguese national cultural scene. Located in the city centre of one of Portugal’s UNESCO World Heritage cities (Guimarães), CCVF is a true mark of excellence in a place where culture is lived out fully and where it is on offer to a broad range of audiences. CCVF was conceived to give greater shape and life to cultural initiatives sponsored by the city, and also as a driving force behind the decentralization of culture, putting Guimarães on the map of “destinations for culture” in Portugal with the relevant fact of being awarded European Capital of Culture in 2012. Its cultural mission encompasses all arts and instigates artístic creation.
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    • Circus Futures

      Circus Futures is working to deliver a series of events to engage UK professionals in the debate around the making of quality contemporary circus performances and to support the development of artists. Circus Futures is funded by Arts Council England.
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    • Cirqueon

      In 2008, Cirqueon - Centre for Contemporary Circus became the umbrella organisation for contemporary circus in the Czech Republic. Its primary activities aim at supporting and developing contemporary circus in the Czech Republic and disseminating information about current events. Cirqueon is an institution covering education, support of professional artists, production and advocacy, and, thanks to its many contacts abroad and to international cooperation, it is able to bring to the Czech Republic essential information on circus education, cultural policy, management, international creative projects, and more. Cirqueon is a member of Circostrada network, FACE, FEDEC, and Caravan Network.
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    • La Cascade, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque

      Created in April 2008, la Cascade is one of the twelve French National Poles of Circus Arts and the only one in Rhône-Alpes region. Its objectives are creation support, education and distribution. La Cascade support the different steps of artistic creation: from the training to the research, from the writing to the creation of the show. La Cascade offers various public highlights during the year in its venues or outside (Alba-la-Romaine festival). La Cascade organizes training programs for professionals and amateurs, pupils or students of professional artistic schols. La Cascade hosts Les Nouveaux Nez & Cie comany's office and a cluster of young entrepreneurs working with distribution of shows.
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    • La Central del Circ

      La Central del Circ's main objective is to support circus creation, providing to professional artists resources for training and creation, encouraging the development of circus arts in Catalonia, generating synergies with other arts and promoting local, national and international networking. It offers an open training space of 650 m², 5 venues for circus residencies and a professional educational programm focused on tools to enrich work methodologies and creative proposals. Besides, La Central del Circ supports artistic projects in the fields of creation, management, production and dissemination, through a wide residency programm designed to support creation as well as research.
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    • Les Migrateurs

      Les Migrateurs were born in 2003 with the will to create a project based on a territory, based not only on a programming but also on the issues of residencies, creation support and professional networking for artists and pieces from the circus arts field. In 2009, after an itinerancy period with partnerships with cultural operators from Alsace region, Les Migrateurs set up in Hautepierre theatre in Strasourg. Since 2016, Les Migrateurs lead an artistic and cultural project based on the missions already defined in the framework of the prefiguration of the Alsace National Pole of Circus Arts (2013-2015) co-organized by Les Migrateurs in Strasbourg and Espace Athic in Obernai, with residencies, distribution of shows and artistic and cultural projects for audiences.
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  • Associated partners

    • 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

      101 is Corn Exchange Newbury’s dedicated outdoor arts creation space based on the former USAF Greenham Common site. It hosts residencies by professional artists and companies, as well as developing its own outdoor work. 101 also runs a year-round programme of community engagement and professional development activities. Based within a 10,000 square ft warehouse, 101 contains fabrication workshop facilities, a large and flexible rehearsal/production space, onsite accommodation and living facilities. 101 aims to provide a supportive environment for companies in residence to develop new work.
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    • ATLAST

      Founded in 2015, the ATLAST label imagines and produces shows and soirées that all have a peculiar vision of creation, giving the priority to hybrid approaches, genres, forms and spirits cross-breeding, offering authors’ points of view on the society, the world and humanity. ATLAST is in the interstice between forms and lines.
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    • AY-ROOP

      AY-ROOP participates in the creative process of circus artists, while developing cultural projects locally.
      CREATIVE CIRCUS: Passionate and committed, AY-ROOP partners artists with the day to day to elaborate new projects and help bring them to fruition.
      CIRCUS ART DEVELOPMENT AT A LOCAL SCALE: Through residencies, cultural outreach initiatives and the festival, AY-ROOP participates in circus art development at a local scale. Entrusted by the city of Rennes to use the theatre Vieux Saint-Etienne, AY-ROOP will be able to support circus art with a new location dedicated to research and discovery. Today, the organization has been recognised by DRAC Bretagne, "Scène de Territoire pour les arts de la piste".

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    • Académie Fratellini

      Académie Fratellini was created in 2003 to lead an advanced training center for circus arts (CFA), delivering a national degree of professional circus artist after a 3-year training. About ten apprentices follow each year the training programme composed by classes, artistic encounters and creation opportunities. Académie Fratellini is also a creation and distribution center and a pole dedicated to audiences education and cultural activities for Paris region.
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    • CIAM • Centre International des Arts en Mouvement

      The International Center for Arts in Motion is designed along four mutually enriching working axes within a global approach.
      Discovery: a circus school for amateurs, children and adults; a "star class" with similar standards to those required by a conservatory; initiation programs with schools.
      Transmission: fostering connections between audiences and artists; professional training courses; workshops with other cultural organization in the region.
      Creation: an incubator of local and national companies; a contribution to crossings between artistic practices and interdisciplinary exchanges; a possibility for receiving companies working with circus tents.
      Dissemination: Days [and nights] of circus; 5 days within circus arts and architectures; the CIAM's meadow.

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    • CIRCa

      CIRCa is responsible for: • a multidisciplinary season programme, • a residency scheme at a local level with an itinerant big top, • a creation support scheme with residencies in its venue, • artistic education programmes, • a contemporary circus festival, • La Cant’Auch restaurant's management In 2012, CIRCa moved into Le CIRC, Circus Innovation and Research Centre.
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    • Centre National des Arts du Cirque

      resume The National Center of Circus Arts in Châlons-en-Champagne is an establishment of international standards, created in 1985 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Cnac is made up of the following: • a higher education establishment and a professional integration department offering a unique training in Europe; • a lifelong learning department and, since 2016, a section for accreditation of prior experiential learning; • a documentation, study and research center, in association with Bibliothèque nationale de France (French National Library) with an audio-visual unit.
    • Centre culturel Jean Houdremont

      Houdremont, Scène conventionnée - La Courneuve is a venue dedicated to arts of movement, located in the heart of Cité des 4000 in the suburb of Paris. Circus, juggling, dance, theatre shows and concerts are presented in situ, in unconventional places or under big tops. This cultural center receives a national subsidy for the developement of juggling arts since 2015, becoming a "Scène conventionnée Jonglage(s)" together with La Maison des Jonglages, where they create a large and diverse programming dedicated to the juggling creation and provide to the artists a support to creation with residencies and develop customized artistic projects for all.
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    • Cie Graines de Soleil

      Based in Goutte d'Or district in Paris since 1998, Graines de Soleils company offers local cultural activities (workshops, festivals, residencies) in partnership with a lot of organizations in order to develop its projects.
      Graines de Soleil's activities are developed for the local territory, with the aim of encountering audiences through a cultural project dedicated to the community.

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    • Circostrada Network

      Since 2003, Circostrada Network works to develop and structure the fields of Circus and Street Arts in Europe and beyond. With more than 80 members from 25 countries, the network contributes to build a sustainable future for these sectors by empowering cultural players through the production of resources and actions of observation and research, professional exchanges, advocacy, capacity-building and information.
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    • Circuscentrum

      Through its activities and projects, Circuscentrum aims at turning Flanders into a flourishing circus region, with wide cultural support and the best development opportunities possible. Circuscentrum is the official link between the Government of Flanders and the circus sector. The activities of Circuscentrum are built around five pillars: artistic support, pedagogic support, heritage & documentation, promotion & communication, international involvement. Some of their projects: Smells Like Circus, CircusMagazine, Living Circus Treasures, educational programmes, creation space, documentation centre.
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    • Cirko Vertigo

      Cirko Vertigo is an international hub for circus arts creations and performances, leading provider of professional, vocational and leisure circus classes. It is located in a cultural park, in Casa del Circo Contemporaneo (Center for Contemporary Circus). In 2007, the city of Grugliasco chose Cirko Vertigo to lead the artistic direction of the festival “Sul Filo del Circo”. Cirko Vertigo also organizes “Living Circus”, a spread performing arts festival.
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    • Cirko • Center for new circus

      Since 2002, Cirko - Center for New Circus has been working to promote and develop contemporary Finnish circus. In 2011 the Cirko circus building opened in Helsinki’s Suvilahti – 1,400 square meters of office and performance space, custom made for contemporary circus.

      What does Cirko do?
      • Offers the public high quality and interesting contemporary circus
      • Provides circus professionals with a first-class working environment
      • Showcases Finnish contemporary circus
      • Conducts the Nordic region's largest annual festival of contemporary circus
      • Is internationally active in the field of contemporary circus

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    • Cirkus Cirkör

      Cirkus Cirkör started when Tilde Björfors and some artists went to Paris and fell in love with the possibilities that the contemporary circus offered. They decided to stop dreaming big and living small and instead give their all to make reality of their dreams. Twenty years later more that 2 miljon people has seen a Circus Cirkör show on stage and in festivals around the world. 400 000 children and youth har trained, created and been taught with contemporary circus. Contemporary circus is now an established art form in Sweden. You will find the circus in all sorts of places – from pre-schools to Universities and in homes for the elderly. At Cirkus Cirkör we continue to dream big and make reality out of our dreams!
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    • Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf

      Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf is one of the eight last purpose-built circus buildings in France and the only one with a circular ring and an Italian style theatre. Now a National Pole for Circus Arts, Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf is a ceration, production, distribution and artistic education venue with international connexions. Since November 2015, la Brèch and Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf have a common direction and form a "Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie". This merger will allow to address the needs of the companies, to optimize the resources of both organizations and develop the SPRING festival at Normandy region scale.
    • Collectif Éclats de Lune

      Collectif Éclats de Lune was born in 2005 from the encounter between French and Moroccan artists and cultural operators who wanted to gather in order to distribute art where it is not expected, to give tools and financial means to Moroccan and African contemporary creation and to develop it through the encounter with audiences, through the connection between traditional arts and tangible heritage. Éclats de Lune produces shows, organizes workshops, helps the artists through training sessions, creation and distribution support of Moroccan and French-Moroccan emerging pieces, supports young projects leaders and youth people from Marrakesh region in their involvement in their territory.


      The project gathering the activities of Éclats de Lune was born in 2007: the festival “Les Rencontres Artistiques Internationales en Places Publiques-Awaln’art”.


      The creation and training space linked to the festival was bord in 2010: la Fabrique des Arts en Places Publiques. Lead by Khalid Tamer, artistic director, the collective is composed by two associated artists, 2 artists in mentoring, four apprentice artists, one sociologist and one educator. Éclats de Lune collective is a Moroccan association.

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    • Espace Catastrophe

      Founded in Brussels in 1995, Espace Catastrophe is fully dedicated to contemporary circus practices. The organization is composed of 6 axes: - Creation center for contemporary circus; - Production and distribution support of shows; - Development of UP! Festival; - Promotion, information and publication [e.a C!RQ en CAPITALE]; - Transmission of knowledge and practices; - Training. The development of these activities in the same venue allows to strengthen a complete artistic and cultural project able to be open and responsive to the needs of all types of audiences.
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    • Espace Périphérique

      The City of Paris and Parc de la Villette created a venue dedicated to residencies for contemporary forms of pupettry, circus and street arts: Espace Périphérique. More than a simple creation space, Espace Périphérique takes in charge the costs linked to the residency for the companies through a flat-rate grant. A team is dedicated to help the companies to prepare and follow the residency.
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    • European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC)

      The FEDEC coordinates an international network of 57 members (schools, organisations, research and info centers, employers). It supports the development of training, pedagogy and creation in the field of circus arts education with the following objectives: reinforce links between leisure, secondary, VET and HE training programs, develop pedagogical exchanges, e-learning and applied research, promote graduates’ work and foster their employability, raise its members and partners’ awareness on EU policy agenda on education and training.
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    • Festival "Pisteurs d'Etoiles" • Espace Athic

      Pisteurs d'Etoiles festival is 21 years old. It aims at defending circus in big tops and with circular forms as well as street circus. To accomplish this goal, Pisteurs d'Étoiles develops a season programme, coproduces shows, supports creations and hosts artists in residencies. Its project is to develop visibility and join European networks sharing the objective to strengthen its action around contemporary circus forms.
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    • Festival PERSPECTIVES, Franco-German festival of performing arts

      PERSPECTIVES is the name of the unique Franco-German festival of performing arts which takes place in May in Saarbrücken, Germany, and the Moselle region in North East France. Every year famous stage directors and choreographers present contemporary works from French- and German-speaking countries in the categories of theatre, dance, circus and street theatre. With its varied programme, PERSPECTIVES makes frontiers disappear in the region where Germany, France and Luxembourg share borders.
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    • Festival Trapezi

      Since 1997, Reus unfolds a large cape that covers streets and squares to welcome Trapezi, the Circus Fair of Catalonia. Year after year, every May, the town fills up the streets and the venues with shows and also holds tent stagings that transform the town into a great circus ring.

      With a unique stamp and open to the new disciplines of the circus world, with a contemporary and creative gaze, Trapezi becomes a reference framework for all circus lovers, professionals, programmers and audience, who in May have a reason to gather in Reus.

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    • Festival de Circo do Brasil

      Festival de Circo do Brasil aims at contributing to the promotion and development of circus, trying to bring new perspectives to circus in Brazil. Created in 2004, the festival is one of the biggest events dedicated to circus in the country, programming traditionnal as well as contemporary circus. The festival invites national shows, famous international companies and promotes national tours. The festival encourages exchanges, inviting social circus schools to participate in its programme and organizing workshops dedicated to artists, technicians and audiences.
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    • INZ • Initiative Neuer Zirkus

      The Initiative Neuer Zirkus (INZ) is a non-profit association that represents contemporary circus in Germany. It was founded in 2011 by a group of circus practitioners in Cologne. At the moment it works on private funding and voluntary commitments by its members.
The INZ gathers artists, companies, festivals and institutions to represent and to discuss contemporary circus in Germany. The INZ is mainly coordinated from its poles Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. The objective is to work towards the recognition of this genre as an art form. INZ aims to create a network for artists in Germany, stimulate exchange between members, encourage artistic training and create a platform in order to facilitate a dialogue between artists and cultural representatives.
    • L'Aléa des Possibles

      L’Aléa des Possibles company was created in 2004 by Virginie Lavenant, circus artist and choreographer. In 2009, the company founded the first social circus school in Madagascar, Chapitô Metisy, settled in a working-class area of the capital Tana, becoming the official venue of L’Aléa des Possibles. Chapitô Metisy is a place dedicated to training, encounters, discovering, opening to the world through artistic practices and cultural enrichment for young people (critical mind, sharing, emotion and dream) and to the professionalization of local artists.
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    • La Brèche, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de Normandie

      Linked to the Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf in the new Platform 2 Circus Centers in Normandy, La Brèche is an organization dedicated to creation support: it hosts circus companies in residency during the year for labs or creation work. La Brèche also has its own season programme with in particular the SPRING festival: from mid-March to mid-April, more than forty shows are performed all over Normandy region, in partnership with other cultural organizations.
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    • La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne-la-Vallée

      La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marle-la-Vallée, is a former industrial farm dedicated to performing arts, cinema and visual arts. A programing open to all disciplines: theatre, dance, circus, comic books, concerts, films, exhibitions, debates. Open air spaces, venues, cinema and contemporary art center form a nerve center for the making and the distribution of arts, a meeting point for audiences and creation.
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    • La Grainerie

      La Grainerie is a circus and itinerant arts factory dedicated to the development of the circus field and the support of its stakeholders. It is an exciting place were resources are offered to creators, technicians and administrators: training, creation and performance spaces, workshops, warehouses, offices... But La Grainerie is also a place for social cohesion based on solidarity in order to favour the encounters between artists and inhabitants.
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    • La Villette

      Cultural park located in north-east Paris, multidisciplinary artistic distribution and creation place, La Villette supports circus arts since the 90's. Very diverse, its circus programming is presented in the various venues of the park, including under big tops. Since 2002, La Villette coordinates with the city of Paris a residency place dedicated to puppetry, circus and street arts, Espace Périphérique. Each year, Espace Périphérique hosts about 40 companies for creation or research residencies. In order to make the audience familiar with circus arts, La Villette also develops a rich program for audiences through workshops, encounters, seminars and special schemes for spectators.
    • Latitude 50 • Pôle des Arts du Cirque et de la Rue

      As as Circus and Street arts Center in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Latitude 50 hosts a dozen performances and provides residency spaces to forty companies developing their new creation every year. Every season, about 150 artists perform in Marchin. Located in a rural area and enriched by its numerous partnerships, Latitude 50 articulates creation and distribution of shows and thereby represents a space of permanent creativity, imagination and exchange.
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    • Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde

      Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde is the first circus and urban arts amateur school in Île-de-France region. It is also a venue for shows, for artistic creation and a place to live! With its new 1900m² building, this association created by inhabitants of Bagneux developps a daring human and cosmopolitan project around 3 main axis: • To pass on and support (pedagogical) • To experiment and research (artistic) • To live in a territory (social)
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    • Le Prato

      Based in Moulins district in Lille and established in an former spinning mill, Le Prato aims at cross boundaries both in its programming and its creations.
      A dedicated to the creation, open to the others and to what is emerging. Le Prato has a residency scheme and a programming during the year on stage as well as a festival in circus tents. Le Prato is labelled as a National Pole for Circus Arts and is associated to Maison de la culture of Tournai in order to run a European project fostering the mobility of circus pieces and audiences.

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    • Les Halles de Schaerbeek

      Les Halles showcase their independence right in the heart of Brussels, the European capital, in a metal and glass structure dating back to 1901, which has been saved from destruction and wonderfully renovated. Its space is unrivalled and perfectly suited for celebrations, extraordinary projects, as well as both artistic and human adventures. Ever since their beginnings, Les Halles have captured and crystallised movements stemming right from the edges of art and society, in an unprecedented alliance of both learned and popular culture. It is an ideal space to create new performative formats, going beyond the classic partition between creators and spectators.
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    • Les Subsistances

      Before being a cultural venue in 2001, Les Subsistances' buildings were a former convent in the XVIIth century and military barracks from the XIXth and XXth centuries. Nowadays, Les Subsistances suport performing arts artists. They host them in residency, offering them accommodation and creation spaces in order to work on their projects. During the year, the audience is invited to follow the work of the artists through encounters, rehearsals, workshops, before discovering their shows.
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    • Mains d'Œuvres

      Mains d'Œuvres was born because of the wish to pass on the creation to all, to give the capacity to imagine, to fell and create our society together. Through exhibitions, concerts, shows, workshops and encounters during the creation processes, the audience explores innovative artistic forms.

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    • Maison des Jonglages • Scène conventionnée La Courneuve

      Maison des Jonglages, project dreamed by many jugglers artists, allows to support the development and recognition of the art of juggling and objects manipulation, and ensures its visibility at national and international levels. Directed today by Thomas Renaud, Maison des Jonglages is recognized by jugglers, professionals and the audience as a key resource around the art of juggling. Its activities follow 4 main axes: programming, creation support, workshops and cultural projects connected with its territory.
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    • National Center for Circus Arts

      The National Centre for Circus Arts is a registered charity and one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education. Based in a magnificent Victorian power station adjacent to Hoxton Square, it involves thousands of people in the creation and performance of circus arts every year. Over half of the annual income needed to run the National Centre comes from grants and donations. Their diverse range of work includes a BA Hons degree in Circus Arts, a structured progressive training programme for under 18s and professional development opportunities for aspiring and established performers. Adults and young people can take part in a range of recreational classes and they provide workshops and away days for the business community.
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    • Netzwerk Zirkus

      Despite a long tradition and a large artistic labor market, companies in Germany have difficulties to develop. This challenge requires conditions such as education, social security for artists, places for productions and experiments…
      The aim of Netzwerk Zirkus is to create these conditions and strengthen the development of circus through:
      • networking the circus scene in Germany
      • promoting exchange, mutual support and cooperation
      • an information platform
      • a dialogue with policy makers

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    • Numediart

      In 2007, the University of Mons (UMONS) established the Institute for New Media Art Technology (NUMEDIART). It comes as the result of many years of preparation and has led to UMONS achieving internationally recognised appraisal in the field of sound, image, video, gestures and biosignals processing for applications where human-computer interaction aims to prompt emotion.
    • ON - Contemporary Circus Creation Center & Co.

      ON - Contemporary Circus Creation Center is an organization dedicated to the research and development of the creation of Contemporary Circus, based in Israel. It fosters and contributes to various international projects in many ways, offering artistic direction services, conducting workshops with artists from Israel and abroad, conferences and exposures. Currently operating in collaboration with Bimot Global (a production company) for the promotion of "World Cirque" - in collaboration with the Israeli Opera. ON is providing the artistic direction for this project, and responsible for all activities within that context.
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    • PERPLX

      Because the circus body challenges us so much. Because new circus is not only artistically interesting: it surprises, amazes, stimulates and confronts us with our physical limits. Because gravity is tested repeatedly until a real fall can happen. That’s why PERPLX organizes its annual new circus festival in and around its magnificent park.

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    • ROOM 100

      ROOM 100 (Antonia Kuzmanić, Jakov Labrović) is laureate of JTCE 2010-2011 edition. Besides performing and producing “performances which present a new approach to contemporary circus art and stretch performing art boundaries”, ROOM 100 is undergoing different projects of introducing contemporary circus to wider audience in Croatia through running HALA 100, residency and performing place for contemporary circus (international and regional artists), hosting circus movies screenings and exhibitions, etc. ROOM 100 was also featured in CircusNext project with Antonia Kuzmanić as a co-president of the international jury in 2013-2014.
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    • SeaChangeArts

      Great Yarmouth based but collaborating internationally, SeaChange are an independent arts development charity.  We are dedicated to delivering outstanding opportunities for artists and communities through supporting hosting and delivering circus and street arts projects and events.
      We run the Drill House, an international creation centre, offering residencies to creative companies and artists of all sorts, a base for various community activities and flexible function and event space for hire. Throughout the year, we work on a number of projects, sometimes intimate, sometimes immense – but always inspirational!

      Much of this work is showcased each year at the Out There Festival. Produced by SeaChange, Out There is now the region’s largest free festival of street arts and circus.

    • Setouchi Circus Factory

      The objective of Setouchi Circus Factory is to contribute to the development of contemporary circus in Japan, to promote artistic creation, technical training and create cretion and distribution networks at a national and international level. Based in Setouchi on Shikoku island, its action is identified as a proclamation of cultural decentralization in Japan.
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    • SirkusInfo

      CircusInfo Finland provides information services on professional circus in Finland. It supports the artistic and cultural development of Finnish circus art through its strong networks, promotional activities and mentoring. Founded in 2006, it receives yearly funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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    • Subtopia

      Subtopia is an arts cluster and a launching pad for dreams and ideas, chiefly in circus and film. Situated in the south of Stockholm we house several circus organizations, schools and companies in 8 buildings and 15 000 sqm. Being a local, regional, national and international meeting place we build local and international networks, and gather competence representing a dynamic mix of artistic expression, education programmes, entrepreneurial spirit and social involvement. Subtopia supports creation, research and artistic development, offers residencies and workshops, and provides information and intelligence on circus. Subtopia also presents shows and festivals in Hangaren, a venue of 2100 sqm. Subcase is an annual circus showcase organized by Subtopia, presenting the latest Nordic work.
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    • TANDEM Scène nationale

      TANDEM Scène nationale is the fruit of the merger between Hippodrome de Douai and Théâtre d'Arras and aims at presenting the best of the contemporary scene in all disciplines: theatre, dance, music, circus, cinema.

      A circus highlight programming: Les Multipistes
      During each season in December, TANDEM Scène nationale organizes a special programming showing the vitality of contemporary circus. Free, creative, uninhibited, the invited artists often mix their art with other disciplines.

    • Teatro da Didascália

      The Teatro da Didascália is in charge of the creation and realization of the International Festival Vaudeville Rendez-vous, which promotes circus and street arts. The festival works closely with local, regional, national and international artistic operators, from circus and theater companies, to schools of different artistic fields ranging from performing arts to visual arts, passing through dance and circus, encouraging the creation of transdisciplinary shows. With intense and ongoing activities, Teatro da Didascália produces a cultural programming in its region, promotes artistic exchanges and works for the development and enhancement of circus and street arts.
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    • Territoires de Cirque

      Created in 2004 in the glow of the Année des Arts du cirque [the year of circus arts] , Territoires de Cirque is an association of nearly forty organizations that support emergence, creation, and distribution of circus arts. Open to all aesthetics of performing arts or specialized in circus, these organizations include National Poles of Circus Arts, research laboratories, national or subsidized venues, city-run theatres, cultural services and production companies. Its goals are to create a place for dialogue and professional action dedicated to circus and to be an active partner and source of proposals for the public, institutional and professional authorities, at local, national, and international levels.
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    • Theater op de Markt • Dommelhof

      Theater op de Markt consists of a summer festival for open-air theatre during even years and an autumn festival for circus theatre in odd years. The summer festival has the city of Hasselt as its niche, the autumn festival takes place in the domains of Dommelhof, Neerpelt in the north of Belgium. Theater op de Markt opts for an alternative format so as to be able to offer a high-quality programme each year. Troughout the year, the production cell of Theater op de Markt supports promising productions of onrushing talent and established merits. New productions often get a chance within the festival programme. Theater op de Markt is, therefore, considered a creation festival, offering valuable initiatives from here and abroad.
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    • Théâtre Firmin Gémier • La Piscine

      Located in the heart of Hauts-de-Seine department in Île-de-France region, Théâtre Firmin Gémier/La Piscine offers a pluridisciplinary programming mixing theatre, dance, music and contemporary circus. Directed by Marc Jeancourt, the theatre team is in charge of the management of 4 venues on the territory, based in the cities of Antony and Châtenay-Malabry: La Piscine theatre and Le Pédiluve (concert venue inside La Piscine theatre) in Châtenay-Malabry, Antony Circus Space and Firmin Gémier nomadic theatre in Antony.
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    • Théâtre Louis Aragon

      Théâtre Louis Aragon is subsidized venue for dance and however hosts a variety of performing arts. It places production and artistic residencies as the heart of the project. The program « Territoire(s) de la Danse » is particularly committed to produce exchanges and crossings between people, artists, and art pieces. Théâtre Louis Aragon also co-manages "La Belle scène Saint-Denis" every summer in Avignon during the festival. In 2016, the Chapiteau Bleu joined the theater for the first common edition of the circus arts festival introduced 10 years ago by the city of Tremblay. Every June, Chapiteau bleu festival is opening a wide window onto contemporary circus for a large audience with 10 to 12 shows performed outdoor, under big tops as well as on stage.
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    • Théâtre de l'Agora

      Labelled as a "Scène nationale" by the French Ministry of Culture since 1999, Théâtre de l'Agora aims at fostering artistic creation and presenting a multidisciplinary programming in order to offer a cultural offer to the local audience. Based in Evry next to a shopping center, the theatre is composed by: • a big venue of 654 seats • a small venue of 240 seats • a restaurant • different creation and exhibition spaces
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    • Théâtre de la Cité internationale

      Théâtre de la Cité internationale has 3 venues in Maison Internationale in Paris. These 3 spaces, with their very different scenographies, forms and capacities, can host all types of shows or events. This place also include a convivial with a terrace overlooking a 30-hectares park.
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    • Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival

      Fringe is a curated, multi-disciplinary festival and year-round organisation focusing on fresh and innovative approaches to the arts from Irish and international makers.
      Tiger Dublin Fringe is a platform for the best new, emerging Irish arts companies and a showcase for the finest international contemporary performing arts. For artists, Fringe facilitates opportunities to innovate, to cross boundaries and strengthen the conditions in which they work. For audiences, Fringe is the place to discover meaningful, exciting and unforgettable cultural experiences.

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    • Tralee circus festival

      The National Circus Festival of Ireland is the place for the diverse strands of a contemporary circus culture to meet, share ideas, fun and create an Irish expression for this exciting artform and offers audiences a variety of shows and workshops!

      Since its humble beginnings as a juggling convention back in 2000, it now includes many events in a unique, fun-filled weekend.

      At the heart of the festival is Circus Siamsa, a public variety show held in Siamsa Tíre Theatre, it is the national showcase for contemporary urban circus and features top national and international performers handpicked and hosted by the Fanzini Brothers!

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