Presentation of the label

circusnext is a one-of-a-kind association born out of the “Jeunes Talents Cirque” programme initiated by the French Ministry of Culture during the “Year of Circus Arts” in 2001-2002. 

circusnext leads and coordinates the only circus platform project supported by the European Commission which gathers 24 member venues from 15 European countries. They cooperate together to identify emerging authors who generate unique and original circus creations, and  to support them in the making and circulation of their works.

Over the years, circusnext has become in Europe an essential programme for the development of contemporary circus. The supported artists have distinguished themselves by the richness and originality of their aesthetic approaches, as well as their appetite to experiment.

Today, circusnext is a European circus label, a guarantee of artistic excellence that contributes to the recognition of contemporary circus across Europe.

circusnext label was founded on values that remain the same since its creation in 2001:   

  • The diversity of unique and original circus creations   
  • High artistic quality  
  • Contemporary circus as a fully recognized art form  

circusnext label supports and encourages artistic risk-taking: both by artists in their creations and by venues that present new viewpoints on our societies and on the world to their audiences. 

Our missions


emerging circus artists in Europe who develop a unique approach as authors and an original artistic vision.


these artists and encourage their mobility abroad, promote their creations and create the conditions for the existence of an encounter of their works with the audience.


and promote the circusnext label, both in the cultural sector and with the audience

Raise awareness

on the diversity of contemporary writings against the clichés that circus suffers from (physical and gymnastic prowess, entertainment).