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Lucia Heege


Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Contortion, swinging trapeze

BIO / Lucía Heege Torres is a Spanish trapezist and contortionist. She started her career at ESCOLA MASSANA in Barcelona then moved to Turin in 2016 to start circus professionally at FLIC. She finished her formation at CNAC in 2021. 

After finishing her circus degree at CNAC, Lucía started the writing of her first piece Kraquement. 

In 2023, she contributed to the site-specific creation Insomnia at the Stella Matutina Museum (Ile de la Réunion) and participated in an inter-European project focusing on new ecological perspectives in circus (Hand to Hand). In Spring 2024 she will be part of the firsts labs for the new annual winter creation from Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris, Circ d’hiver directed by Natalia Barraza.  

THE PROJECT / Kraquement is a 55-minute performance that delves into the theme of exile. Presented through a sensory and emotional journey, the creation features two performers who embody multiple souls. 

On the stage, Lucia Heege Torres takes on the roles of a swinging trapezist and contortionist, while Léa Leprêtre serves as the cellist, vocalist, and composer of all live music. The progression of the piece is marked by the continuous transformation of the stage, adorned with Kraft Paper landscapes, a trapeze, paint, and coal. Kraquement is an expression of the chaos inherent in humanity and the resilience found in willpower and love.