Morgana Morandi circusnext - European Circus Label
© Davide Garrone

Morgana Morandi

Miss SBarbie (a punk collective history about our messy bodies)

Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Contortion, clown, objects manipulation, hula hoop, aerial hoop

BIO / Miss SBarbie is the alter ego of Morgana Morandi. Morgana grew up in Bologna with a twin sister, both spending their childhood as avid Barbie players. After a degree in psychology and many years spent practicing rhythmic gymnastics, she studied circus at FLIC with aerial hoop as main discipline. Morgana is now as tall as 5 and 1/2 Barbies and weighs 200 Barbies. 

As of now, the Miss SBarbie project includes Morgana, Franchina (the Barbie remote-controlled toy car and her driver), and a total of 137 Barbies. 

THE PROJECT / Once upon a time there was a plastic body. Maybe two, maybe 10, maybe a hundred… Or maybe a hundred and thirty-seven! There were once a lot of little dolls that brightened the lives of little girls, allowing them to imagine all the possible worlds, places, and moments that those inanimate creatures could materialize.  

There’s Morgana… And there are her Barbies. Playmates, imagination companions, possible and impossible adventure partners, who take on all the roles Morgana (or they) want: they are friends, doubles, audience, enemies, spoons for Nutella…  

Miss SBarbie… is a universe that gives life back to parts of ourselves too long forgotten. The project aims for a collective dimension. It became infused with the stories and experiences of people encountered along the way, incorporating “life with Barbie” narratives that were essentially “borrowed” from people and brought to the stage. 

An invitation to do whatever we want with ourselves and our bodies!