Charge Maximale de Rupture circusnext - European Circus Label
© Bryony Fawler

Charge Maximale de Rupture


Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Aerial straps

BIO / Exploring the unfamiliar, the foreign, and the enigmatic aspects of existence, AVoid is inspired by a fascination with solitude, alienation, and the profound impact of rapid technological advancement. It seeks to reveal unexpected connections between order and chaos, madness and austerity, distance and dependence.  

AVoid is a volatile journey through alterations of selfhood, examining diverse perceptions of solitude and loneliness from an anthropological perspective – a poignant reminder of the senselessness and fragility inherent to our human essence. 

THE PROJECT / QUIMERA is a circus project that explores the close link between the concepts of attachment and belonging. It is performed by three circus artists working on the same apparatus: aerial straps. The starting point for QUIMERA is the essential condition (and restriction) of the straps: attachment. The show explores the 3 authors/performers’ connection to this object, and how their relationship is expressed through this common bond. 

Through straps, the acrobat and the object merge to become a single entity. The authors want to develop and twist this idea to discover how it can be applied to a group. How can the intimate be revealed through a group? How can we integrate the individual into a single whole? QUIMERA is a journey from individuality to community, seeking to deconstruct physical and psychic attachments.