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Charge Maximale de Rupture


Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Aerial straps

BIO / The Charge Maximale de Rupture (CMR) company was created as part of the 31st graduating class of the CNAC in 2020. Awarded a prize by the Circus Commission of the Association Beaumarchais-SACD in 2021, the company is based on its plurality, carrying out in parallel different creative projects, each developed by at least one of the founding members of CMR in collaboration with other artists to form creative collectives. Pablo Penailillo invited Nicolas Palma and Cristobal Espoz to collaborate on the QUIMERA project (creation 2025). The 3 authors, all from Chile, have known each other for a long time. Each of them completed a different training course in Europe, Pablo at CNAC in 2019, Nicolas at ESAC in 2020 and Cristobal at ESACTO-Lido in 2023, and after their studies they met again in France in 2022 to create and share together.

THE PROJECT / QUIMERA is a circus project that explores the close link between the concepts of attachment and belonging. It is performed by three circus artists working on the same apparatus: aerial straps. The starting point for QUIMERA is the essential condition (and restriction) of the straps: attachment. The show explores the 3 authors/performers’ connection to this object, and how their relationship is expressed through this common bond. 

Through straps, the acrobat and the object merge to become a single entity. The authors want to develop and twist this idea to discover how it can be applied to a group. How can the intimate be revealed through a group? How can we integrate the individual into a single whole? QUIMERA is a journey from individuality to community, seeking to deconstruct physical and psychic attachments.