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Hristina Ŝormaz


Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Aerial acrobatics

BIO / Hristina Ŝormaz started practicing circus and focusing on aerial rope while studying scenography in Serbia. She trained as an artist through non-formal education, artistic collaborations and masterclasses in circus and contemporary dance. 

Discovering different physical practices became a way to question human relations with their environment and society, which led her to engage in a circus driven artistic, pedagogical, and social work. Since 2018, she is following doctoral studies in scenography, where she investigates the use of space and matter through a circus perspective. 

THE PROJECT / Traces (working title) focuses on imprints humans leave on their environment and explores potential ways of coexistence. The project sets a shared ecosystem among a performer, space, and matter, illustrating how they influence and shape each other. Through the use of clay and human body, a distinct landscape emerges, shaping images of conflict, destruction, and harmony, questioning our awareness of the consequences of our actions.