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Marina Cherry


Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
Contortion, acrodance, contemporary dance

BIO / Marina Cherry grew up in Montana and studied at École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal and ESAC in Brussels. She also pursued a degree in philosophy at the University of London.  

Using her body as a tool to manipulate, Marina is constantly seeking fresh perspectives in creations by challenging methods and systems, without relying on any specific ideology as the foundation for her work. Among an endless list of interests, there are some particularly important in her work: authenticity, metaphysics, semantics, the grotesque, paradoxes, absurdity and distorted versions of reality. 

THE PROJECT / Exploring the unfamiliar, the foreign, and the enigmatic aspects of existence, AVoid is inspired by a fascination with solitude, alienation, and the profound impact of rapid technological advancement. It seeks to reveal unexpected connections between order and chaos, madness and austerity, distance and dependence.  

AVoid is a volatile journey through alterations of selfhood, examining diverse perceptions of solitude and loneliness from an anthropological perspective – a poignant reminder of the senselessness and fragility inherent to our human essence.