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Noa Aubry

Là où la nuit n’est pas si loin puisque le jour s’en va déjà

Pablo Panailillo · Nicolas Palma · Cristobal Espoz
German wheel

BIO / Noa’s formative years were shaped by crossing diverse landscapes by car every other weekend, accompanied by the melodies of Michel Berger, Daniel Balavoine, Christophe, or Leonard Cohen. In the meantime, she pursued classical guitar studies at the Conservatoire de Montreuil. She then discovered German wheel, propelling her through new domains and spaces, driving her to study at ENACR, then at CNAC. 

Guided by her musical odyssey, a deep appreciation for words—whether reading, writing, or speaking—and a profound fascination with the body, both in its physicality and symbolic significance, Noa navigated across artistic realms, transcending conventional boundaries. Her conception of the performing arts hinges on the intersection of the intelligible and the sensitive, with the living body serving as an eternal compass. 

THE PROJECT / Noa uses the German wheel to work on movement resistance and rhythms, helping her develop a simple language focused on a slow and repetitive style. The emphasis is on the sensory experience rather than a narrative, with the performance inspired by the movement of waves. Noa explores the concept of time and the imprints it leaves behind. She questions whether these traces continue to flow through us or if we become the traces themselves. Her goal is to bring fragments to the surface, exploring what lies beneath and emerges in a constantly transforming sea-themed show.