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La Víspera


Vinka Delgado · Diego Hernando
Chinese pole, puppet

THE PROJECT / Fragmentos divides the body with humour to better understand it and live with it. The artists take an intimate and poetic approach to explore the distortion and disintegration of the body. Masks, puppetry, and light research open up a crazy daydream about pain and how it can be relieved through fragmentation. When suffering becomes too intense, the mind splits.

BIO / La Víspera is a new artistic identity born of the loss of innocence. It is a meeting, a homecoming, a way to create and to live circus. 

Vinka Delgado, who initially pursued training in fine arts, constantly challenged the static nature of the discipline. Recognizing the need to employ the body as a dynamic tool guided by movement, she furthered her skills by training in circus and theater. As her journey unfolded, she reached a pivotal point where her past in visual arts intersected with her present in performing arts. Integrating her expertise in both realms, she ultimately delved into the creation of puppets, masks, costumes, and scenography. 

Since his childhood, Diego Hernando has been interested in opening things up to see what’s inside. After a degree in education and sound engineering, he became a video and light technician. His curiosity led him towards circus and theater, which was also a large part of his training. He sees the use of technology as a tool to amplify stage languages through light design, video and interactivity. 

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