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Nicolas Fraiseau
Pyrotechnics, fire manipulation, clown

BIO / Nicolas Fraiseau is Franco-Italian artist specialized in Chinese pole who graduated from CNAC in 2016. Since 2014, he has been working as a performer with various French companies. He joined Compagnie Les Hommes Penchés in 2018 to create his first solo Instable in collaboration with Christophe Huysman. 

He is a recipient of the grant «Aide à l’écriture cirque SACD-Beaumarchais» for Instable and of the European exchange and research program in circus arts Circus Without Circus in 2021.  

Nicolas is interested in clowning, practices slam and has developed a strong taste for improvisation and risk-taking. Since 2020, he collaborates with Collectif Sismique to bring his creations to the stage. 

THE PROJECT / IGNIS is a solo Nicolas has been dreaming of for a long time. It is a circus project under a big top based on pyrotechnics, fire, clowning and dance. The idea is to treat fire as the subject of a show and to develop a new aesthetic based on it: not that of the grandiose and spectacular, but rather that of the tiny and metaphorical.  

At the core of this aspiration is the exploration of diverse contrasts generated by flames, encompassing candles, embers, costume burning, and flying lanterns. This fiery aesthetic will tap into the poetics of the archaic and nostalgic, employing the ceremonial aspects of ritual to reestablish an intimate connection with the audience.