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Taigi Cirkas 


Elena Kosovec & Izabele Kuzelyte
Aerial acrobatics, rope

THE PROJECT / What happens when the artist loses control? When an object becomes uncontrollable, absurd, or even reveals a absent feeling? Saucisson is about the desacralisation of the props and the circus body. A multidisciplinary creation that blends visual art, aerial acrobatics, and opera, freely inspired by surrealism and theatre of the absurd.

BIO / Authors and performers of Saucisson are Elena Kosovec and Izabele Kuzelyte, members of Taigi Cirkas company created in Vilnius (Lithuania) in 2016. They are active members of the Lithuanian contemporary circus community as authors and performers. 

Izabele completed her technical education in FLIC. Elena took dramaturgy class at ESAC and CNAC. They both participated in a variety of workshops and seminars to further their formation, benefiting from the mentorship of artists such as Roberto Magro, Pau Portabella, Alexis Akrovatakis and Tom Brand. 

Elena is the head of the Contemporary Circus Association in Lithuania. She is organizing and managing multiple projects pushing forward Lithuanian contemporary circus development, with the main goal of creating conditions for contemporary circus professionals to work and create in the Baltic region. Izabele is an active member of the Contemporary Circus Association, currently working in Germany (Munich) with the local circus community. 

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